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29 Apr 2022

AAM Nation Care

AAM Nation Care Ramadan 2022 Progress Update

Everyone here at AAM Nation Care would like to say a massive thank you to everyone that has donated to our cause this year. Without you, we couldn’t reach and help all the people that we do.


It’s your contributions that have enabled us to do so much good in the community in the Pakistan.

In particular, your generous donations have been going towards helping cloth and feed our brothers and sisters that are struggling to provide for themselves.

We have also been able to support students with their education by providing laptops that allow them to learn digital skills and generate income for themselves and their families. While also providing vital free courses in our academy and YouTube channel that students can take to help them make money online.

Your kind contributions have also allowed the dedicated staff at AAM Nation Care to take steps to work to create a better environment for all. Primarily by planting trees which help to filter more CO2 from our air and fight pollution.

Those struggling with health-related problems have also benefited from your kindness this Ramadan, through donations to help them get access to the medical treatment they so desperately need and deserve.

Once again, a massive thank you to everyone that has contributed to this success. Please share our good works with your friends and family and consider donating so we can continue helping those that need it most.

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