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06 Apr 2023

AAM Nation Care

Charity Organizations in Comoros

TUSK Trust Limited

Africa is home to some of the most endangered animal species in the world, such as elephants, rhinoceroses, and various gorilla species, due to habitat losses and poaching. TUSK Trust Limited has worked towards sustainability and conservation across the continent of Africa.


Blue Ventures Organization

Blue Ventures is committed to improving ocean welfare in Africa and beyond. Oceans are the lifeblood of coastal communities, but they are increasingly under threat due to overfishing and water quality. Blue Ventures strives to strengthen coastal communities and safeguard futures.

Muntada Aid

Africa is home to some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes and unique animal species, but it is also a low-income economy in need of foreign aid to support healthcare, education, access to water, community building, and more. Muntada Aid exists to meet the challenges.

Conserve Global

There is a welcome decline in safari hunting on the African continent, but the disappearance of this industry has left many of the areas abandoned, unmanaged, and economically vulnerable. Operating in the Comoros area and beyond, Conserve Global is creating resilient ecosystems.

World Connect

World Connect is another one of the best charities in Comoros. This NGO attempts to connect communities with resources and empowers local leaders to take effective action. World Connect drives self-sustaining change in local communities by investing in people and places in Africa.


Like many areas on the African continent, Comoros is home to vulnerable communities in need of investment and protection. AAM Nation Care is one of the best charities in Comoros, helping the nation grow through investment opportunities and supporting people to achieve success.

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