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26 Feb 2022

AAM Nation Care

List Of Charities In Saudi Arabia

Keen to find out about charities in Saudi Arabia? Here’s a list of 10 notable non-profit organizations open to donations.


Mawaddah Women’s Charity Association

A charity founded to allow women, particularly those about to be married or those who are divorced, a chance to stabilise their lives. The charity works to ensure women know their civil rights, and provides assistance to support them.

King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center

Established by the King of Saudi Arabia, this charity works to improve the lives of those suffering on a worldwide basis. Providing humanitarian relief regardless of border, the charity transmits aid through UN agencies to ensure it reaches those who need it.


An animal welfare based charity, PERSGA works to support and promote the needs of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. A conservation charity, PERSGA has many member states in the East and has been cleaning up the seas since 1995.

Saudi Alzheimer’s Disease Association

A charity founded to deal with Alzheimer patients, this non-profit is a rare example of medical aid for those living with neurological disorders in Saudi Arabia. The charity works with nearly 150,000 patients across the country.

EKHAA Charitable Foundation for Orphan Care

EKHAA was made to support orphans in living healthy, stable lives. This charity works with orphans after leaving the care system, and helps them to find jobs, access housing, as well as continue their education and find family care.

Alwaleed bin Talal Foundation

A philanthropic charity, the foundation was created to implement change across Saudi Arabia. To date it has spent over 4 billion on social welfare programs and assistance, and benefits nearly 190 countries around the globe.

Al Wafa Philanthropic Association

A mother and baby focused charity, this association works to provide child and maternal care to those who need it most. The organization has many clear goals, including allowing children without opportunities the chance to reach out, even if they just need glasses to help them see better.

Majid Society for Community Development

With an aim to build a sustainable world via the use of cutting edge engineering principles, the Majid Society works throughout communities in Saudi Arabia. Created to empower communities without access to other resources, works closely with locals to learn from their experiences.

Al Baraka Charitable Society for Social Services

A faith-based charity, this society works to improve the health and social care of people in need of rehabilitation.

The Centennial Fund

An organization focused on providing access to financial resources for women, this charity aims to encourage female Saudi citizens to start up their own businesses. The fund works to bridge the gap between male and female unemployment throughout the region.

Make a Donation to AAM Nation Care

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