28 Nov 2022

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Best Charities in Cambodia

Cambodia is a nation in Southeast Asia that has a beautiful landscape with mountains, low-lying plains, and stunning areas of coastline. It has a wealth of history and culture and is a predominantly Buddhist region. Despite a recent spate of economic growth, Cambodia is on the list of developing countries and there are areas of extreme poverty. This means they rely on charity for all sorts of reasons to help them get by. This could be to help their children, the economy as a whole, or the animals that reside there. If you are considering a charity to donate to in Cambodia, we have put together a list of Charity Organizations in Cambodia that you can find out more about and donate to.

Ability Fairtrade Village

Ability Fairtrade Village operates as a social enterprise and is a not-for-profit charity designed to help those that reside in Cambodia. Prior to the pandemic, they operated as a not-for-profit fair trade retail store but this was forced to close. Since then they’ve started the Siem Reap Food Bank to help support the AFT artisans and their families.

All For Kids

All For Kids Cambodia is a charity created to help reintegrate rural communities, improving education and life skills for those that live there. 

Action Aid

Action Aid Cambodia works with the poorest and most excluded men, women, and children in Cambodia in order to help them grow and improve their lives. They are dedicated to human rights, empowerment and campaigning for a better future.

Child’s Dream Foundation

The Cambodian Children’s Dream charity focuses on building schools and boarding houses, providing scholarships, running school health initiatives, providing safe drinking water systems and more for children and teens in education.

Cambodian Children’s Advocacy Foundation (CCAF)

The Cambodian Children’s Advocacy Foundation (CCAF) is designed to help give opportunities to children from preschool to teen in Cambodia. It helps them learn about career opportunities and develop training for teachers to improve education.

Cambodian Development for Mission for Disability (CDMD)

The Cambodian Development for Mission for Disability (CDMD) is designed to help promote equal opportunities for those with disabilities in Cambodia.

Cambodia International Education Support Foundation

The Cambodia International Education Support Foundation is designed to help offer an education to those schooled in Cambodia, offering life-changing opportunities and skills to help them grow and progress in their life.

Khmer Youth Camp for Future (KYCC)

Khmer Youth Camp for Future (KYCC) works on human rights and opportunities, providing a cultural education program for children. It helps them with learning new and valuable skills and promoting equality.

Komar Pikar Foundation

The Komar Pikar Foundation is a charity aimed at helping disabled children in Cambodia. It helps provide them with a better quality of life, teaching valuable education and life skills similar to their peers.

These are just a few of the best charities and organizations in Cambodia that you can donate to. You should also look into AAM Nation Care, a one-of-a-kind organization that has the aim to see everyone succeed. You can find more on their website here.

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