23 Feb 2022

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Best Charities in Finland

Supporting charitable causes helps us to contribute to our community, campaign for social justice, and enrich our own life in the process. If you’re wondering what are the best charities in Finland, check out these great options.

VAMLAS: Supporting Foundation For Children & Youth With Disabilities

The VAMLAS Foundation exists to promote inclusion and diversity in several settings, from workplaces to schools. Based in Helsinki Finland, the VAMLAS foundation has been campaigning for equal opportunities since back in 1889. One of the charity’s key objectives is to make sure that youth and kids with disabilities have equal opportunities, as do their families.

VAMLAS focuses on promoting the right to an independent life, inclusion, accessibility, networking, and paid work. The charity works to influence key policymakers, and provide training in the social service sector. They seek to provide disabled students with inclusive housing. VAMLAS also awards grants for disabled students, helping these youths and children to pursue their hobbies. If you’re looking for a great charity in Finland, VAMLAS is doing some wonderful work.

Caritas Finland

The Caritas Finland charity was founded back in 1960. The organization is focused on helping marginalized and poor people, in Helsinki and Finland. Caritas is involved in plenty of different projects, including offering emergency relief, development aid, and support to parishes and immigrants. The charity runs a school sponsorship program and a social cafe. The school program is based in Uganda and the cafe in Helsinki.

Projects run by the foundation have helped to give people a better quality of life, the Caritas supports people to access sanitation, and drinking water. This charity in Finland has also been involved with setting up a Women’s center in Moldova.

The Finnish Association For Nature And Conservation

The Finnish Association For Nature Conservation (FANC) is a large non-profit agency, focused on environmental protection. The charity has been doing some truly amazing environmental work, since back in 1938.

The organization was created to protect the environment in Finland, and improve environmental awareness. The charity has 160+ local members across the globe, there are various district organizations, and local associations, with the HQ based in Helsinki. The FANC is one of the most renowned charities in Finland.

African Care

African Care is a non-gov organization based in Finland. It was founded by a group of African Women, in 2022. The charity exists to improve the societal standing of immigrant women, with a focus on wellbeing and health. African Care sets up and runs training for students, professionals, and authorities. These sessions teach about honor violence and multiculturalism. The charity also runs a global education project for secondary school children. A newer project, nonetheless it’s one of the fastest growing charities in Finland.

Cancer Society Of Finland

The Cancer Society Of Finland is dedicated to improving the lives of people with cancer, it’s an organization that offers people hope, support, and info. The charity is involved in many different activities, focused on providing and interpreting info about cancer. The society donates $5million to cancer research every year, and also offers support for doctoral dissertations.

Finnish Refugee Council

The Finnish Refugee Council specializes in working with refugees. The mission of the charity is to support the basic rights of returnees, immigrants, and refugees. The main objective is that refugees improve their ability to help their families and themselves. The organization focuses on people who need education, and are in crisis. The adult education support includes everything from civic rights to environmental protection.

These are just a few of the best charities in Finland. There are many more organizations doing amazing work. If you’re interested in supporting charities that help low-income communities, consider donating to AAM Nation Care. This welfare-based charity is involved in some fantastic projects, and in need of continued support. Giving back to society is a great way to improve your own well-being.

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