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25 Feb 2022

AAM Nation Care

Best Charities in Malta

While there are quite a few charities in Malta, here’s our list of the top 10 charities working throughout the country, who will also be very grateful for any kind of help you can give.


Inspire Malta

A charity originally created to help children on the Autism Spectrum, Inspire supports any and all individuals with learning disabilities and other neurological disorders. Inspire provides day-to-day help for those who need it most.

Love For Strays

A cat sanctuary that works off of charitable donations, Love For Strays provides food and care to the many stray cats wandering the streets of Malta. They also take in elderly cats who cannot fend for themselves.

Foodbank Lifeline

A charity created to combat hunger poverty, Foodbank provides individuals and families with food packages when they cannot buy food for themselves. Over 4000 packages are distributed each year thanks to their efforts.

YMCA Malta

An international charity, YMCA Malta aims to build ‘a more just world’. Helping people of all ages obtain access to health, social, and welfare resources, the YMCA mainly works as a social services agency.

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Malta

A charity founded to spread awareness of MS in Malta, this society offers physiotherapy to MS sufferers who cannot access treatment elsewhere. The charity also offers psychotherapy to family groups affected by MS.

Blossom Foundation

The Blossom Foundation was created to tackle the disadvantages many children can face. Working with families affected by poverty, this foundation aims to stop poverty from taking a hold over a child’s life in the long term.

Minus One Support Group

A support group for those who have been widowed, Minus One is a grief counselling charity that seeks to listen and support those who have been affected by loss. Anyone under the age of 61 who has lost a spouse can join.

Dar Guzeppa Debono

A charity set up to support single parents, Dar Guzeppa Debono works with both mothers and fathers to provide advice and resources. This organization works to reduce the stigma and shame around being a teen mother or father.

RMHC Malta

A children’s charity, RMHC works to provide more educational opportunities to the next generation of Malta. Primarily working with children facing overwhelming obstacles in their life, RMHC supports learning in a variety of ways.

Friends of the Sick and the Elderly in Gozo

A non-profit made to offer support to the local community of Gozo, this charity works with geriatric patients throughout hospital wards and the elderly within their own homes.

What We Do at AAM Nation Care

Malta is known as one of the most charitable countries in Europe, and giving to any one of these charities in Malta will go a long way. You can also donate to us here at AAM Nation Care; we’re a non-profit that works within communities and with countries to help further our nation. Check out our website to find out more about the work we do and the way you can help.

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