31 Dec 2022

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Best Charities in Marshall Islands

After World War II, the United States ran the Marshall Islands for many years. In 1986, they became their own country. Its native people are Melanesian, and they depend on subsistence farming and imports to stay alive. Many people have left the islands in search of better economic opportunities in the United States because of rising tides, flooding, and the effects of nuclear testing. Let’s have a look at some of the charities that support the Marshall Islands:


ICAAD is a human rights group that works at the intersection of legal innovation and design that puts people first. They use their knowledge to help groups plan for a more fair future.

By using teams of people from different fields and taking an integrated approach, they are able to make systems more resilient, safe, and fair.

Give Clean Water

Since 2008, Give Clean Water has brought clean water to the rural islands of Fiji. Clean water projects are now being done from one end of the Pacific Ocean to the other, in Fiji, the Solomon Islands, and the Marshall Islands. Give Clean Water stands out because it focuses on analyzing the effects of its work through data collection and follow-up visits, with an eye toward behavior change and long-term success. Give Clean Water is committed to making sure that the work it does in Fiji is real and has clear results. A recent study by Hope College showed that when Fijian families use the Sawyer water filter that Give Clean Water gives them, they save $52.96 per month. This is because they don’t have to buy as much water, they don’t have to pay as much for medical care for waterborne illnesses, and they don’t have to miss as much work. The number of families with diarrhea dropped from 21% to 1% in just 8 weeks after they got their water filter.

Hesperian Health Guides

Hesperian Health Guides makes and shares health information that can save people’s lives in places all over the world. Hesperian gives free health materials to people in remote areas who have little or no access to healthcare. These materials are written in simple language and have a lot of pictures to help people who don’t read well.

Activating Frontline Communities

This project will translate and share research and information on climate change and nuclear disarmament that was put together by Reverse the Trend, MEI, and Zero Hour New York. The goal is to educate and empower young people in poor frontline communities.

Canoes of the Marshall Islands

WAM is a non-profit organization based in the Marshall Islands. WAM’s aim is to work with underprivileged adolescents, their families, and the local community to maintain Marshallese culture and history via canoe building and sailing and to develop life skills and a work ethic through this cultural connection.

WAM has been devastated financially by the pandemic, as have many small nonprofits worldwide. Every donation will be used to make sure that WAM’s services to the people of the Marshall Islands, especially to young people at risk, keep going.

As you can see, there are many fantastic charities that are helping to support the Marshall Islands. Another charity that is helping and would love your support is AAM Nation Care.

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