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09 Feb 2022

AAM Nation Care

Charities In The Netherlands

There is a large list of charities in the Netherlands and that means that you have plenty to choose from depending on what you are looking to support. Below, we have a list of the top charities in the Netherlands that you need to consider.


Stichting She Matters

The Lotus Flower Program at the Stichting She Matters charity is a program that empowers female newcomers with skills, support, and knowledge that’s needed to go out to work. They support women into jobs that match skills and She Matters is working toward a better future.

Stichting Ki Culture

The Ki Culture program is by Stitching and it is one that is reaching out. Their activities focus on education, action, and communication and are all geared toward the global professionals.

Dutch Childhood Cancer Organization

Supporting children with cancer is vital and a big part of that is with the Dutch Childhood Cancer Organization. With the help of this charity, children get to go on weekend camps and they feel happier and stronger, which helps with their resilience to such a devastating illness. They feel fitter and more able to cope.

Ecosystem Restoration Camps

ERC is one of the best global bottom-up movements that helps to restore the Earth’s ecosystems. Camps engage thousands of people through hands-on work and science to introduce the right practices to help people to survive. They empower community-led projects to make a global impact.

Stichting Present Den Haag

With a group of amazing volunteers, Stichting Present Den Haag works to aid recipients with the new start needed. They work with people to support their development toward better societal independence.

Stichting Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice

One of the biggest initiatives with Stichting is the support of sexual violence survivors. The training of trainers for survivors on advocacy is important and this will help to address the gaps in understanding and care. Stichting Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice helps other survivors talk advocacy.

Ronald McDonald Haus

At the Ronald McDonald Haus in the Netherlands, parents, siblings, and carers of children with serious illnesses are provided with accommodation that is safe and supported. Families can stay together close to their children and family life can be somewhat normal despite the abnormal circumstances that they are dealing with.

Amnesty International

No matter where you are in the world, it’s much easier to help the people who are oppressed when you have Amnesty International on your side. They shine a light on the human rights violations that are occurring and they achieve success. They are there to listen and that means putting perpetrators under pressure at all times. They are listening to people all over the world because they are reliable, independent and with the help of 3 million worldwide members, Amnesty International is able to support more.

Het Knaaghof

One of the best charities in the Netherlands includes the Het Knaaghof, which supports animals in need of fostering and adoption. The shelter matches animals and families and they take care of strays and those who are in desperate need of care and support, too.

These charities – along with AAM Nation Care – are just some of the best charities in the Netherlands that aim to get results from supporters.

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