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19 Feb 2022

AAM Nation Care

Charity Organizations in Bahrain

For more information about the best charity organizations in Bahrain, you are in the right place. Charitable giving is important all over the world, but these charity organizations in Bahrain are some of the best, most supportive out there.


Think Pink

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, breast cancer doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t discriminate on race, gender, religion or class, and the Think Pink charity uses research, education, early intervention, and public awareness to ensure that there is a fight against this awful disease.

Bahrain Society for Children with Behavioral and Communication Difficulties

Children are not exempt from disabilities and the mission of this charity is to help and support those with behavioral and communication disabilities, including autism. They work with families and ensure that their members are fully supported in the community. Through education and active public awareness, they promote research to ensure that their mission is carried forward.

Alia for Early Intervention

Associated with applied behavior, Alia for Early Intervention works to design programs for those with behavioral and communication difficulties. Children between 2 and 13 are best supported here and offer intensive behavioral treatment. They also used applied behavior analysis and a strong educational environment so that children can acquire the right skills.

Rotary Club of Salmaniya

Founded in 1971, Rotary Club is a part of Rotary International. The club is a volunteer charity, and it’s made of members who are successful in their careers and want to give back again. Every member takes the time out of their schedule to work effortlessly to support those who need it the most. This is a community charity organization, one that is for the people.


The Shelter is always in need of support, as there is no funding available from the government. This is an operation that runs poorly on donations and their fundraising events, the generosity of the people, and more. They accept all and any donations, and they make sure that all donations are put to great use.

The Palm Association

Created to help those with even the most basic needs, the Palm Association is working tirelessly to feed the families of Bahrain. They distribute around 155 food parcels a month to the families in the most need, and every family facing difficulties in their financial situations can be supported.

Migrant Workers Protection Society

The MPWS was established 18 years ago from the Ministry of Social Development. Their mission statement is to help expatriate workers to ensure that they get the basic human rights they deserve. This is in accordance with internationally recognized standards. The MWPS is the only charity to work with migrants in this way.

The Second Chance Animal Rescue Center

Set up a decade ago, the Second Chance Animal Rescue Center is there to support animals and their needs. They have more than 200 cats, dogs, birds and more that have been abandoned and neglected.

With the help of the AAM Nation Care and these above charities, people and animals in Bahrain are supported and protected with the community help of the public.

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