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30 Dec 2022

AAM Nation Care

Charity Organizations in Cameroon

Reach Out NGO

REACH OUT is a nonprofit organisation that helps disadvantaged communities by using a community-centered approach and advocating for their needs in the areas of health, human rights, governance, and wealth creation.



Aumazo, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is trying to enhance the lives of girls in rural Cameroon and other African countries by providing improved boarding school infrastructure and a STEM-based curriculum. Aumazo invests in Africa’s future leaders by expanding their educational horizons. At Aumazo, we know that women and girls drive developing-world economies. Girls will be more successful as adults if they attend high school.


We’re a non-profit serving Douala’s disadvantaged youth. Our goal is to raise money to open a daytime refuge centre for Douala’s youngsters. We aid 5-14-year-olds who have resorted to street begging to pay for food, clothing, and school fees. 14-17-year-olds who work to support themselves and their families. Street sales, shoe washing, and proters are mini-jobs.

ONETrack International

ONETrack International promotes our Transition to Home strategy to family reunification worldwide. We support, develop, and train internationally accepted laws and standards that preserve orphaned children’s rights to be raised by biological relatives or other suitable caretakers in their communities of birth when practicable and appropriate. They also fund and advise groups that work with parentless and vulnerable children worldwide. Their vision is a world where the Global Orphan Crisis is effectively managed and all orphaned children have the chance to grow up in a family, receive good education and healthcare, and where orphanages and international adoption are reserved for instances with no other options.

Research Center for Analytic Diagnosis and Imaging Trends (RECEADIT)

The primary objective of RECEADIT is to be of service to humankind. Common Initiative Group (CIG/NGO) RECEADIT’s primary objective is to be of service to humankind. The organization is non-profit, non-governmental, and non-political. The majority of RECEADIT’s work in the humanitarian sector is concentrated on two areas: 1) research for community health care, and 2) specialized medical training.


The goal of the NDES Foundation is to provide assistance in the areas of education, health, and infrastructure to underserved communities so that they are able to lift themselves out of poverty and work toward a future in which they are self-sufficient and sustainable.

Pan African Sanctuary Alliance

PASA’s mission is to serve as an essential resource for primate sanctuaries around Africa. This is the organization’s primary objective. We will advocate for our member sanctuaries on these and other pertinent issues and provide a readily accessible international communication network for these members because we recognise the intrinsic value that wildlife sanctuaries provide as a nexus of long term commitment to the enforcement of wildlife laws, the protection of animals, and the conservation of wild primates. This value stems from the fact that wildlife sanctuaries serve as a nexus of long term commitment. PASA’s activities will change in response to the risks that African primates are currently facing as well as the requirements of their members.

There are many organizations that support Cameroon, AAM Nation Care is another one ot consider.

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