22 Jul 2022

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Charity Organizations In Iraq

There are so many different charity organizations in Iraq, focusing on a wide range of different causes and projects. If you want to learn more about the various charities in Iraq, read on for a few examples of organizations doing great work in the Middle East.

Save the Children

A global charity working to support children in Iraq amongst many other  countries. They help to provide education, eradicate death from preventable causes, and fight violence against children.

Iraqi Orphan Foundation

The children in Iraq have been affected by global conflicts, and many of these young people are orphans with uncertain futures. The Iraqi Orphan Foundation aims to secure their futures and the future of Iraq.

Islamic Relief

A charity organisation working with communities across Iraq to save lives and build brighter futures. Amongst the great work they do, Islamic Relief provides food and supplies to communities, and medical equipment to hospitals.

Iraqi Children Foundation

An organisation that works with children who are vulnerable to abuse, neglect and exploitation in Iraq. The Iraqi Children Foundation aims to intervene in their lives with love and assistance, enabling them to have a better future.

War Child

The war in Iraq and other conflicts have left many children orphaned, displaced, and in great need of assistance. War Child helps to provide essential development and education to help these young people get a better start in life. They also offer mental health support to the most vulnerable children and their families.


A refuge agency focused on building a better life for refugees all over the world, including Iraq. They work with asylum seekers, stateless people, and displaced communities, helping to save the lives of those fleeing from war and violence.

Mosaic Middle East

A Christian charity, also known as The Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East. They  aim to bridge the gap between religious and ethnic divides, improving the lives of thousands of Iraqi people through emergency assistance and education.

Iraqi Christians in Need

Since the Iraq War in 2003, Christians in the country have been persecuted. ICIN provides financial, educational, and  medical support for those Christians displaced inside Iraq and neighboring countries.


A charity that resolves to meet the physical and psychological needs of those affected by conflicts in Iraq. They help to provide economic opportunities for those in need, advocate peacebuilding, offer emotional and practical support, and empower women in the public sphere.

Caritas Iraq

Founded in 1992, Caritas Iraq provides food and assistance to the poor and marginalized across the country. They maintain a number of social centers, a rehab and youth center, and two centers for displaced families.

There are of course many more Iraq-based charity organizations than the ones listed above, but hopefully this has given you an idea of what is out there. They are all fantastic causes well worth supporting and donating to. If you want to learn more about us at AAM Nation Care or donate to give help to those in need, get in touch now.

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