15 Jul 2022

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Charity Organizations In Jamaica

Jamaica has a lot of charities worth your exploration and donation. Charities are designed to support many people in the community, although some are more specific to a single group.

Here is a bit about some of the charities and programs they have at the moment.

Educate a poor Jamaican child

Christel House International

Christel House assists young people worldwide in ending the poverty cycle, achieving their goals, and developing into self-sufficient, valuable members of society.

Uplift Jamaican Schoolchildren Through Science

Society for Scientific Advancement

The lowest income and most socially excluded children in Jamaica avoid or perform badly in the sciences, despite the fact that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are the Foundation of economic prosperity. Their communities don’t value STEM much, and their schools lack the resources necessary to teach science in an effective, interesting way.

Fund Jamaican Farmers in Climate-Smart Aquaponics

INMED Partnership for Children, INC

Jamaica’s small-scale food producers are being driven out of business by climate change, which is increasing unemployment, poverty, and food insecurity. With the aid of INMED’s Financing for Climate-Smart Agriculture program, struggling farmers, women, children, and persons with disabilities can launch aquaponics (hydroponics/fish farming) businesses, contributing to the resolution of this dilemma.

JSPCA: Stop Animal Cruelty, Animal Care in Jamaica

The JSPCA works to put an end to animal cruelty and offers shelters and warm, loving spaces for animals who need it. In Jamaica, the JSPCA has been active for more than a century.

Through education, advocacy, medical attention, and the placement of unwanted animals in loving homes, its primary goal is to advance the compassionate treatment of animals. They work to improve the living circumstances of animals in Jamaican slaughterhouses, pound facilities, and riding and racing facilities.

Women’s Centre of Jamaica Foundation

The WCFH is a very worthy cause and has directly contributed to supporting 46,000 teenage mothers to continue and complete their secondary school education. Due to the high rate of teenage pregnancies in the nation, the Women’s Center Program for Adolescent Mothers was started in 1978. The Program was granted foundation status in 1991, adopting the name Women’s Centre of Jamaica Foundation (WCJF).

Angels of Love

Angels of Love assist Jamaica’s underprivileged, disadvantaged, and critically ill children. They offer health care, education, support, and life-saving treatment; their main goal is to keep a child alive.

Issa Trust Fund

Couples Resorts founded The Issa Trust Foundation as a charitable foundation in 2005. The Foundation’s goal is to support Jamaicans’ development and well-being by offering a system of preventive care, health education, community support, and other services.

Together with other community resources, the Foundation works to create a setting that supports kids’ educational requirements.

All of the charities mentioned above are worthy causes, and plenty more can be found in Jamaica. It’s a great idea to do extra research into the causes that are close to your heart and offer a rounded support package to uplift whole communities and improve the lives of many like AAM Nation Care.

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