04 Mar 2023

AAM Nation Care

Charity Organizations in Rwanda

In recent years Rwanda has spearheaded a lot of charitable organizations to help its citizens live a better life. Here are a few of the charities and NGOs that exist in Rwanda today:

RWAYDAVO – Rwandan Youth Development and Voluntary Organisation

This charity is set up to improve the health of the citizens by tackling the problems in the social structure. They want to enhance the lives of the underprivileged by developing communities and giving them more opportunities.


This is a charity that works with Rwandan families. Their mission is to help families by increasing opportunities, education, and better income.

Human Rights First Rwanda Association

The mission of this group is to promote the education of human rights and offer legal help to the most vulnerable people in the Rwandan communities. They also endeavor to empower the individual as well as groups to start campaigning for their, and their fellow country persons, rights in their own terms in a peaceful way.

Aspire Rwanda

Aspire Rwanda is a charity devoted to improving the lives of poor, vulnerable women and children. They do this by educating them and teaching them new skills, as well as raising their levels of self-esteem. They offer support networks that enable them to raise themselves and their families up and out of poverty.


There are a lot of charities and charitable projects in Rwanda designed to help the community members empower themselves. Charities such as these and AAM Nation Care want the people to live a better standard of life, and they use tools such as education to achieve this.

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