25 May 2021

AAM Nation Care

Financial Support for Poor Families

Due to the coronavirus pandemic that hit us all by surprise, rich or poor, more people than ever are struggling to make ends meet and find enough money to even meet the basics. This combined with all of the usual issues like war, natural disaster, and status have led us to a situation where we could see 150 million more people being plunged into absolute poverty this year. That’s on top of the some 689 million people who are already living in extreme poverty as it is, and the ever-increasing numbers of people who are living in relative poverty too.

One thing is clear: people need help, and here at AM Nation Care, we want to provide that help as best we can. We want people to have the basic amount of financial support they need to put food on the table for their families and keep themselves as healthy as can be.

That’s why here at here at AAM Nation Care we have put together a package of financial support that we distribute to deserving people and families in the community who are most in the need of help from day to day.

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Distributing support

At AAM Nation Care, we’re very hands-on, which is why we get out there and locate the people who are most in need of the money we are able to provide. We hand cheques directly to them so that we can be sure that those people who are suffering the most can have some of their circumstances alleviated as soon as possible. When we offer financial support to poor families, we work hard to ensure it ios those poor families who get the benefit from it.

Helping people help themselves

By offering financial support to those in need, not only do we help them access the basics like food and water, but we also enable them to buy tools or take training courses – some of which we also provide for free – which will enable them to get out of the vicious circle that poverty creates, and make a better life for them and their families. As a result, while families, even whole communities benefit from the help that AAM Nation Care brings.

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We know that everyone can do great things with their lives if only they are given the opportunity to do so, which is why we tailor our financial support packages to the individual, and offer other support in the form of food rations and training, amongst other things.

AAM Nation Care are here to help

If you are aware of a family who could benefit from some financial support during this difficult time, please do get in touch with AAM Nation Care. We always try to help as many people in need as possible and we will work with you, and them, as best we can to help get them back on their feet.

Our organization is friendly, discrete, and passionate about improving the lives of our community now and forever – we are here for you all.

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