18 Nov 2022

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How Many People are Affected by the Floods in Pakistan?

We have recently witnessed devastating floods in Pakistan that affect many people. The flood disaster occurred due to the heavy moon soon rain in Pakistan. Furthermore, the flood started arising on the 14th of June, and more than 1700 people were killed on that day. The flood of this year in Pakistan is one of the deadliest floods all over the world. Therefore, most people consider this flood the worst in the history of Pakistan. The floods this year have affected many people, and most of them have lost their houses and become homeless in Pakistan. Due to the Floods in Pakistan, people are hungry and suffering from many diseases. They are suffering from malaria, dengue, typhoid, and many painful skin conditions due to the floods.

Most Affected Areas by the Floods in Pakistan

Larkana and Qamber are just 25 km away from the west of the Indus River. Therefore, these cities are the most affected cities by the floods, and more than 1 million people were killed in these areas during the floods. Furthermore, it affects most of the people in these areas, and many of them are still homeless. Therefore, we should visit and help the people of these cities in any way. The floods of 2022 in Pakistan affect many other areas of the country as well. The Floods in Pakistan affected more than 33 million people of Pakistan this year. And it is a very hard time for them to survive in this crucial situation in the country. So if we are able to do, we should help them as much as we can in any way.

How to help the affected people through foundations?

There are a few foundations that are working hard and honestly to help the homeless and helpless people. Moreover, Zohra Foundation is one of the most popular foundations that work hard to help orphan children. And it is our responsibility to take care of the orphan children around us. Therefore, this foundation is the best option to donate to the children who have lost their parents during the floods in Pakistan. They take care of and help orphan children with your donations all over the country. Thus, people who are able should donate as much as they can to help orphan children through this foundation.

Help the Affected People by Floods in Pakistan

As we know that many people have been affected by the floods in Pakistan. So, it is our responsibility to take care of the helpless people around us. We can help people who are homeless and helpless in many ways, like giving them food, clothes, First aid kits, medicines, and many other essential things that will be helpful to them. Furthermore, you can also donate essential things and money to trusted foundations that help those affected people of floods in Pakistan. Therefore, we should donate to these foundations as much as we can so they can help the helpless people through your donations.

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