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07 Jan 2023

AAM Nation Care

How Much to Donate During Ramadan?

The Holy Quran mentioned charity and prayer as connected deeds for the believers. According to Quran 2:110 ““And establish prayer and give zakat, and whatever good you put forward for yourselves, you will find it with Allah. Indeed Allah, of what you do, is Seeing” (Quran 2:110).


If praying can be rewarded more during Ramadan, and praying is associated with charity, then charity can be rewarded more during Ramadan as well. With Ramadan 2023 not too far away, it is important to know where and when to give charity and Sadaqah or zakat.

Compared to Sadaqah, only a few groups of people are eligible to get Zakat, whether it is Ramadan or not. Trusted organizations such as AAM Nation Care make sure all the charity and donations are handled according to the laws of Islam, dignity for the ones receiving charity, and domestic regulations.

Generally, charity can be given any time during the year, however, Ramadan is the month when it is motivated more. Specifically, when we talk about Zakat-al-Fitr, it is necessary for all adult Muslims and they need to pay it during Ramadan. It can be given to those in need towards the end of Ramadan or on Eid day. As far as the charity amount to donate, it can be any amount of money, since it is not obligatory.

There are different types of charities, and Muslims can select any of these to give out to their poor Muslim brothers and sisters during Ramadan or any other time of the year. But, many Muslims prefer donating during Ramadan as they believe it is the time of the year when you can get maximum reward. Anyway, Zakat-al-Fitr is an obligatory donation every Muslim needs to make during Ramadan, and it can be paid towards the end of the month or on Eid day, as mentioned above.

So, How Much to Donate?

Well, it is better to give your zakat during Ramadan. It can be 2.5% of your wealth or 1/40th. If you are not eligible for zakat, you can give any amount of money. If you have already given your zakat, you can still give sadaqah of any amount of money or equivalent to zakat.

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