05 Jan 2023

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How to Give Charity in Ramadan?

Humanity has evolved significantly over the years, not only in medicine, technology, and how we live, but also in how we treat one another. Being human beings, we have an innate desire to help others as much as we can. Such an attribute is endorsed in Islam and gives tremendous importance to helping others and giving charity.

Muslims are encouraged and advised to share what they have been blessed with, and give it to the ones who are not that fortunate. Charity isn’t only advantageous for those who get it but also the ones who give it as they get a great reward. It can be food for the soul and can be a means of salvation too.

According to a Hadith, Allah SWT said:

“Ramadan is the month of mercy and charity, and in it, Allah tends to bless the believers with forgiveness and saves them from Hellfire. Hence, whoever is merciful and gives charity in Ramadan, Allah will be even more Giving and Merciful, and will bestow upon him endless blessings and bounties.”

A goodwill act prescribed by Allah SWT himself must be carried out throughout the year with the intention of pleasing Allah SWT. But, when the month of Ramadan comes, each type of act of pleasing Allah and worshiping Allah must be enhanced, including the most noble act of charity.

According to Holy Prophet PBUH:

“Ramadan is a blessed and honorable month, and the rewards for charity and generosity are multiplied during this month.”

Are you looking to give charity during Ramadan and don’t know where to give it? AAM Nation Care is the most trusted organization where you can give to charity. We take pride in helping poor and needy Muslims, and with your charity, you can join us in our aid for Muslims and needy human beings!

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