15 Nov 2022

AAM Nation Care

Poverty and Hunger in Pakistan

As you’ll have seen in the recent news, Pakistan has been hit with some of the most severe flooding in the country’s history, putting millions of people at immediate risk. Right now, charity efforts are focused on providing lifesaving care to those that need it- such as food and water, medical aid, hygeine items, and shelter. The focus is avoiding catastrophic second hand effects of flooding such as being injured by damaged buildings, drowning in floodwater, and contracting waterborne diseases.

Long term, the country of Pakistan is (and was) in need of charity help. 22% of those in Pakistan live in poverty, and meeting the basic needs and educational needs of many people living there falls to charities. But for charities to do the fantastic work they do, they need donations. Inflation, the cost of living, the coronavirus pandemic, and other global factors such as the war in Ukraine and Brexit have all affected how much money we all have to spend, and where we need to spend it. Less people are donating to charities, and much of the work that we as charities do has been affected.

If you’re able to dig deep and donate whatever you can, rest assured your money will be put to the best use possible. Your donation could save lives, it could massively shape a young person’s future by providing care and education that they otherwise wouldn’t have got.

No one deserves to go hungry, no parent should have to worry about their children starving in this day in age. If you’re able to help in any way, please consider doing so.

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