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09 Feb 2022

AAM Nation Care

The Inspiring Story of Abdullah Amanat Muhammadi: An SEO Specialist That Grew His Online Business To Over the Millions In Sales

“There is no lack of talent in Pakistan.” We have been hearing this since our childhood. Be it sports or armed forces, education or technology, Pakistanis are never less than the best.


One of such Pakistanis is Abdullah Amanat Muhammadi who has made Pakistan famous in the field of technology. Abdullah has expertise in improving a website’s Google ranking, SEO, and he is teaching others how to earn money through the internet. He belongs to a village Chak 17 in a town nearby Lahore, called Chunian.

It is also quite surprising that he is working for people from the UK, USA, Australia and all over the world while being at the village. And not only that, he is bringing finances to Pakistan. “Wazeh Rahe (A Leading Urdu News Website in Pakistan)”  has talked to 28-year Abdullah regarding SEO and other subjects in detail, and everything is as follows:

Wazeh Rahe: Now that you are at a point where you have been earning millions from the internet and established an academy where you are teaching online earning skills to youngsters for free, did you get your first job from the internet as well? 

Abdullah Amanat Muhammadi: No. Actually, I come from a lower-middle-class family. I began working when I was too young to support my family and meet our household and expenses. I worked with my father in agriculture in the beginning.

After appearing in the 8th-grade examination, I was employed in a factory in Lahore named “Rose Bread.”  I worked as a helper there, and my salary was just Rs. 3500. I almost worked for 2 and a half months in this factory during summer school holidays.

I used to do similar jobs every now and then. Along with that, I continued my education too. Meanwhile, I completed my matriculation. After matric, I took admission in ICS, thanks to assistance from my father. My father tried his best to make sure I completed my education. However, I had to work to meet my expenses and pay college’s tuition fees.

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Wazeh Rahe: Did you get more education?

Abdullah Amanat Muhammadi: To be honest, the circumstances did not enable me to continue my educational career after ICS. Hence, I started searching for a job. Again, I got employed as a helper in an Orient store. Accessories were supplied from the store to the factory, and I used to write it down. Here, my salary was Rs. 5500. Apart from that, I received some grocery benefits. I worked for a couple of months or more in this factory as well.

At my residence, there was a person who worked in Bahria town. He helped me get employed as a “Tubewell Operator” in Mohlanwal, Bahria Town at Rs. 8000 salary. Since my residence and food was free, I used to give my entire salary to my family. Anyway, during that particular year 2012, I went from Mohlanwal to Bahria Orchard, situated at the Raiwind Road. At the same time, I took admission in Virtual University. I completed three semesters of two-year BCS amid my job. Then, I left my job at Bahria Town while a semester was remaining.

Then, I worked as a manager in a company named “SUMH Packages.” It was a packaging factory in 2015, situated in Sundar Industrial State, however, it wasn’t a large organization but all the workers were under my supervision. I was not only responsible for their salaries but also for checking everything. I worked here for 6 months.

Wazeh Rahe: Every job you mentioned is either a physical or an official duty, when did you think about earning via the internet?

Abdullah Amanat Muhammadi: When I left my job in the packaging company towards the end of 2015, I was wishing for betterment. I started seeking attractive jobs at Rozee.pk. I didn’t even know what sort of jobs I had been applying for. I was just hopeful to get a good offer, and I was up there to grab the opportunity.

During this attempt to find a job, I got a call from a company named “Pak Consultants” for the position of content writer. This company used to operate from Girja Chowk, Lahore Cantt. From here on, I actually started my journey of earning through the internet. During the interview, I asked the boss “Mr. Muhammad Yaqoob” to give me a chance. Thanks to his kindness, he did give me that opportunity along with the necessary training, after which I started working for the company. I worked here as a content writer for almost 10 months.

That’s how 2016 proved to be a turning point in my life because during early parts of this year, I began my career as a content writer, and towards the end of the year, I made up my mind to initiate my own content writing business. Hence, I left the company in November 2016 to begin my content writing business.

Wazeh Rahe: How was your experience as a content writer and how did you think about SEO?

Abdullah Amanat Muhammadi: In Freelance writing, sometimes I was able to get some work, and sometimes I wasn’t. At times, people made me work but didn’t pay for it. I often got disappointed by it. I thought this was not pretty fruitful so I should learn SEO as well. My interest in SEO enhanced because I had a website “AAM Consultants” that I wanted to get ranked on Google.

However, I did content writing while my purpose to rank my website on Google was to get orders from customers. Meanwhile, my interest in SEO skyrocketed, and my thinking that if I have two skills at a time, I will get more work, and I won’t have much spare time. Therefore, I started learning about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and watched courses about it on YouTube that proved extremely helpful.

After learning SEO, I desperately needed a job for practicing it, and money to meet my expenses. So, I started applying for jobs once again. I was employed in a company named “OpenSol Global” situated in H Block, DHA. I did content writing there while my company handed me the responsibility of SEO as well. This was a moment to cherish for me since I was seeking more expertise in SEO. I worked for this company till February 2018, and learned all the hints and secrets of SEO.

As I have said that I had my own website too, I had all my focus on improving it. Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala was so kind to me that I found a great client. I capitalized on the opportunity and worked brilliantly to promote and groom my website. Now, my website is ranked among the top 10 websites in Pakistan.

Wazeh Rahe: Where and under whom did you get the maximum SEO experience?

Abdullah Amanat Muhammadi: The company “OpenSol Global” where I was working, was owned by Qasim Mushtaq Warriach. He was a great person. He supported me a lot and I learned a lot from him. Not just him but the entire team assisted me a great deal. Everyone was too supportive. Qasim Mushtaq’s brother Touseef Mushtaq also supervised me in improving my work.

Similarly in “OpenSol Global”, a graphic designer Naeem also supported me. Another graphic designer Asad Majeed helped me regarding the website. At the same time, I would be keen to mention two developers Suleman and Shahzaib who treated me like my elder brothers, and helped me with their expert opinion whenever I found anything challenging.

Wazeh Rahe: In which countries are you offering your SEO services at the moment?

Abdullah Amanat Muhammadi: All Praise to Allah. I have my clients in dozens of countries. At the moment, I have most of my active clients in the UK. Then, I have clients in Australia, America, Canada, China, Pakistan, and Nigeria.

Wazeh Rahe: Who was your first foreign client?

Abdullah Amanat Muhammadi: I associated with a British-Pakistani Asad Shamim in February 2018. He is the CEO and founder of an online firm named “Furniture in Fashion.” All Praise to Allah, I am still working with him. In the beginning, I had a contract with him of 500 dollars monthly salary. I worked for his furniture website and had a great experience. It was a massive success for me at that time that I started earning around 50 thousand rupees every month from the internet. Then, he gradually improved my salary every now and then. Meanwhile, I found more and more clients.

Wazeh Rahe: Now, how do you feel looking back at your past?

Abdullah Amanat Muhammadi: Let me tell you an interesting story. When I purchased my first-ever laptop, I didn’t even have seven thousand rupees. I gathered 2 thousand each from different sources, or lent from someone to purchase that laptop on which I learned and pursued my SEO business. Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala supported me and blessed me by rewarding my efforts. As I started earning well, I bought an advanced laptop as well. Similarly, I purchased a new mobile phone and a bike. On the other hand, with the grace and blessing of Allah, my business boosted up.

aam consultants first office

(Abdullah Amanat Muhammadi’s first-ever laptop on which he started his SEO career)

I thought why not hire a person since my workload has increased and I am not able to handle it all by myself. The employee I hired was “Shehroz Jaamal” who gave me an advantageous and sincere advice to increase this business because I was already getting a lot of calls from different potential clients.

Hence, working on Shehroz’s opinion, I hired more people. You can understand how much our business had increased, considering the fact that I was searching for a job a while ago, and now I was able to hand people jobs (Thanks to Almighty Allah).  That’s how I built my team and taught SEO to new guys to fulfill my social duties as well. So, not only did my income improve in a gradual manner, but my skills improved as well.

In the beginning, I established a small setup at home, and two or three people came to work at my home. However, I realized the need for a new office very soon. Therefore, I opened my own office pretty soon. All Praise to Allah, I have a team of skillful, devoted, and passionate guys. I can say with confidence that I have a good team. With the help from Allah, we get a reasonably good amount of work. Working together, we have accomplished financial and professional goals and advantages.

Wazeh Rahe: Can we overcome unemployment by utilizing earning opportunities on the internet?

Abdullah Amanat Muhammadi: It is not impossible in this modern world. From a larger point of view, I have realized that unemployed youth in the country must utilize the online platform to put constructive effort into getting rid of their financial distress. For this noble cause, we have already established a welfare organization named “AM Nation Care” and we have established an academy as well.

Generally, the purpose of “AAM Nation Care” is to assist poor and low-earning individuals in improving their overall income and improving their lifestyle. We have set our goal to help as many needy people as we can to learn the secrets of earning through the internet so that they run their households well and a better life awaits them. Also, learning the skill of earning through the internet is the need of the hour.

free online courses by aam nation care

We give free training to youth in a small city situated near Lahore called Chunain. However, this can only be done in a limited environment. This is why I have initiated my online course on YouTube which is accessible to almost everyone. I am giving a modern and informative course online so that any Pakistani youngster who wants to benefit from the earning opportunities on the internet face no hardship and step on the digital platform with confidence.

Alhamdulillah, I am getting a good number of views and a great response on my SEO course on YouTube. We will continue to come up with new courses on our YouTube channel. I wish that the youth of our country, specifically unemployed ones, can benefit as much as they can to become able to support their families. In our effort to bring an end to unemployment, this would prove to be a revolutionary step. “In Sha Allah”

Note: Below is the link to Abdullah Amanat Muhammadi’s advantageous SEO course.

SEO Course for Beginners

Read this interview in the Urdu Language: انٹرنیٹ سے ماہانہ لاکھوں کمانے والے عبداللہ کی متاثر کن کہانی

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