15 Jan 2022

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What Are The Different Types Of Charity In Islam?

Charitable giving and its importance are found throughout the pages of the Qur’an. The charity serves as a vital component of the religion, and it is considered one of the five pillars that all Muslims are encouraged to follow. There are several different types of charity in Islam, and all Muslims can contribute to those less fortunate.

What are the different types of charity in Islam?

Although there are several definitions of charity in Islam, these are the three primary types that Muslims follow.


Zakat is considered a mandatory element of Islam. It refers to the donations made by every Muslim who can, with the proceeds going to the poor and needy. This donation is defined as 2.5% off the nasib or the wealth threshold, and all Muslims who are capable will make this donation. During Ramadan, you can witness exceptional donation amounts that can exceed £100 million in the UK alone.


Sadaqa charity is similar to zakat, but there is no maximum or minimum amount. Muslims can give as much or as little as they desire. One important factor to remember is that it must be unconditional, and request nothing in return.


Waqf is not mentioned in the Qur’an like other charities, and it is considered a more recent example of donation in Islam. This refers to an investment for property, where any profits will fund public service buildings, such as schools and hospitals, among others.

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