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17 Jan 2022

AAM Nation Care

What Does Islam Say About Giving Charity?

Islam teaches us to be modest and to seek the best for others just as we would want the best for ourselves and our family. But it is both our hearts and wits that mould us into good human beings. Giving and supporting others is not an excessive behaviour; it is completely human.


The Power of Giving in Islam

This is part of the test that Allah (SWT) gives to people who are well-off or have a lot of money: to make sure that we share our money with others and show compassion to those who don’t have as much. Because Allah gave us our money, it can also be taken away from us.

So it is our obligation to support our brothers and sisters in need and to show sympathy for the suffering. Although giving and helping others is a normal human behaviour, it is also highly valued in Islam.

It doesn’t say when you should give, but many people give during the month of Ramadan because the rewards are the best for this life and the next.

The Most Important Islamic Practice is Charity

Charity is the third of Islam’s Five Pillars, commonly known as zakat. It’s the annual practice of donating a percentage of one’s accumulated fortune to charity. The other fundamental type of charity is sadaqah, or voluntary charity.

While most Muslims are required to give zakat, sadaqah is voluntary. Giving charity in the manner of sadaqah can be as simple as sharing knowledge or nodding at a passing stranger. It might be a simple gesture of kindness, supporting someone physically or preventing harm.

If you want to support those in need, take the time to donate to our welfare/charity organization AAM Nation Care.

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