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09 Jan 2023

AAM Nation Care

Why Charity is Important During Ramadan?

Ramadan is a special month for Muslims all over the world. It is a month when they examine their lives and strive to improve them. Charity is a significant part of Islam throughout the year, however, it takes on even more importance during the month of Ramadan. It is because charity can be given to those in need and the givers can get closer to Allah SWT.


You can do your best to seek Allah SWT’s blessings and favor by giving charity during the month of Ramadan. The charity can be compulsory or voluntary, but it does not matter because both endear you more in front of Allah SWT. With three Ashras, it is easier to see why Ramadan has such importance in the life of Muslims. Ramadan offers forgiveness and spiritual cleansing.

Let’s discuss the significance of completing your routine prayers during Ramadan. The first ten days provide the opportunity for you to develop a routine that would cover both required and voluntary prayers and give a chance to repent past mistakes so they don’t happen again in Ramadan in the future. The second Ashra of the month is a significant time for Muslims to remember how Allah SWT forgives their sins and mistakes. This period of ten days has great significance since it links the start with the end in terms of forgiveness from Allah SWT. Hence, these days are pretty crucial, and you should seek forgiveness. For this purpose, you should first give charity and then turn to Allah and seek forgiveness for your sins against the charity you have made.

Islam encourages Muslims to help each other and we understand that at AAM Nation Care. Give charity to us and we will help you reach the poor and needy Muslims to aid them!

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