16 Jul 2022

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Best Charities In Ecuador

Ecuador has a long-standing history of charity, giving both within the country and abroad. More than a few charities in Ecuador have been active for quite some time and have helped countless people.

Figuring out which ones to support can be difficult, given how many of them you can choose from. Choosing the best charities in Ecuador for you to support doesn’t need to be tricky, however. With each of these, you can rest assured your donations are being used well.

10 Best Charities In Ecuador


Amazoonico helps wildlife affected by deforestation in the Amazon and reintroduces them back into their natural habitats. They help these species survive and thrive.

Asociación Caimito Sustentable

Founded almost 15 years ago, the Asociación Caimito Sustentable focuses on conservation efforts around the country, as well as sustainability efforts.


Working with kids who have parents currently or previously in prison, Awaken provides the psychological, physical, and educational supports these children need. It also looks to drive awareness and compassion for these children.

Bee Farm Ecuador

Bee Farm Ecuador works with local communities and educates them on how to conserve and protect local bee populations. As well as helping bee populations thrive, it lets communities harvest honey without damaging hives.

Casa Búho

Designed to empower children through reading, Casa Buho is entirely self-funded and provides a safe space for kids to read and learn. The initiative looks to increase critical thinking and reading rates in the long term.


An eco-village, Chambalabamba is run by Projects to Stop Climate Change. As you’d expect, it’s one of the leading charities in Ecuador to focus on environmental justice and eliminating climate change. The village serves as a model for how people can live in harmony with nature.

COAGRO Foundation

Focusing on empowering women’s rights, the COAGRO Foundation is a vital charity in the country to support if you want to further equality efforts. It also works with indigenous communities in a sustainable, just, and equal way.

Congal Biomarine Station

The Jatun Sacha Foundation is one of the largest charities in Ecuador to focus on conservation efforts and oversees the Congal Biomarine Station. Focusing on improving and sustainable modern aquaculture, it works with local projects to help protect native marine life.

Eco Volunteer UP

Launched over a decade ago, Eco Volunteer UP enables volunteers to work on countless local projects across the country. These also include projects in the Galapagos, the Andes, and the Amazon. If you want to donate your time to one of the more recommended charity organizations in Ecuador, this comes recommended.

EcoCiencia Foundation

The EcoCiencia Foundation runs the Monte Saíno Natural Resource Conservation Center Volunteer Program, located in the south west of Esmeraldas. It focuses on promoting sustainable resource management through various conservation efforts.

A protected forest spanning 209 hectares/ 516 acres of land, the tropical conservation center truly is a sight to behold.

Wrapping Up

With all of the charities in Ecuador you can support, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Each of the above come highly recommended, however. At AAM Nation Care, we do everything we can to support our country. Like many other charity organizations in Ecuador, we help people succeed.

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