13 Aug 2022

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Best Charities In Morocco


Morocco has impoverished areas with families and children that lack opportunities, ASTVS is a charitable organization that exists to support education, social, and cultural projects in the South of the country, raising awareness and providing opportunities for families and children.

Association DARELOUAD

Local quality of life is linked to the natural and social environments; this is something that has been recognized by Association DARELOUAD, a charity that works hard to achieve a better quality of life for the families and children living in the town of Dar El Qued in Morocco.


In Morocco, many women still believe their husbands have a right to abusive behavior and therefore choose not to come forward and report this behavior. Domestic violence is too common, and women need support; that is one reason the AFJDEM exists in society.

Association Tifletois New Life (ATNL)

This local charity in Morocco was started by a group of young people to support people living in poverty and encourage education in social, cultural, and science fields. This charity is actively looking for supporters around the world to help and support its cause.

Association Les Colombes de l’Espoir

This charity, based in Morocco, is dedicated to children who have cancer. These children need contact and support to raise their spirits and support a happier quality of life. Supporters can contact the charity and find out about the events program, then join in with the daily activities.


This forward-thinking charity was started by a group of students hoping to integrate society support into everyday life. AMJB is committed to social action in everyday life and works with people of all ages, and partners with environmental programs, clothing banks, and more.

SOS Villages D’Enfants Maroc

The SOS Village is an international charity. It is dedicated to supporting children that have lost their parents in the short term and finding them new families in the long term. Many children in Morocco need a family and need this particular charity to help them to find one.

Association Generations Pour Les Chantiers Internationaux

This NGO charity is run by a group of young people dedicated to building schools and cultural centers to support their local community. They are also committed to multiculturalism and hope to generate more support for their cause.

Association Bahri

There’s no doubt the world needs a cleanup, and sometimes it’s up to local charities to roll up their sleeves. Association Nahri is one such charity in Morocco dedicated to making the world a cleaner and fairer place to live in by cleaning the streets and local beaches.


Finally, the CJM exists to protect the environment and local monuments in the area while construction projects are underway.

Final Thought

Charity starts at home, but these days home is a big place when you consider the global community we live in. AAM Nation Care understands the need for local people in Morocco to connect with global opportunities and learn the skill they need to be successful. Donate to AAM Nation Care to support the next generation of local and global entrepreneurs and leaders.

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