29 Jul 2022

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Charity Organisations in Namibia

Namibia is a country in Southern Africa that is no stranger to common problems. It has a high poverty rate and can often lack some of the essential resources found in other countries. As such, there are lots of charity organizations you can help out to make a difference in this wonderful place!

Action Change

A global charity that runs many campaigns, particularly focusing on Animal Welfare. It currently has an ongoing project to help protect African elephants and move them out of dangerous environments in Namibia.

Mammadu Trust

Mammadu Trust is a non-profit organization working in Namibia to provide educational services for local children. Alongside this, it is raising funds to help kids learn better nutritional habits, as well as improving general health & safety in schools.

Wadadee Cares

Another local non-profit that works throughout Namibia with a specific goal. Wadadee Cares focuses on female empowerment by bringing affordable and hygienic sanitary pads to all women within the area.

Carnivore Conservation & Research Project

Many charity organizations in Namibia are centered on the wildlife in the area. This one is no different, dedicated to protecting the endangered cheetah species in the country. It hopes to collect valuable research to help sustain this species and keep them alive for longer.

Oana Flora & Flora

A community program that’s always looking for volunteers or charity contributions. The organization is set up with the aim to conserve Namibian wildlife, particularly encouraging more biodiversity to allow for more crops and farming opportunities.

Ombetja Yehinga Organization

Many African countries have been affected by the HIV pandemic, but Namibia is one of the worst-hit places. This charity organization hopes to educate thousands of Namibian teenagers on UIV using arts. In turn, this education will allow for a generation that’s more conscious of HIV and how to prevent the spread.

Ndoro Children’s Charities

NdoroCC has a Help4NAm Foodbank Project set up to help thousands of Namibian children throughout the country. The program aims to set up different foodbanks in three specific communities, allowing families and children to access emergency food supplies when necessary.

Namibia Nature Foundation

The NNF is one of the leading conservation and sustainable non-governmental organizations in Namibia. It runs lots of different programs throughout the year, with a specific focus on environmental conservation and improving general sustainability throughout Namibia.

Pupkewitz Foundation

This foundation was started with one clear aim: to address the social and economic disparities in Namibia. Since 2002, it has run lots of programs and raised a lot of money to promote better inclusivity in the country, creating new opportunities for those less fortunate.

Hope For Life

Based in Windhoek, Hope For Life helps the local community by providing a crisis center and raising money to supply better resources for social and economic upliftment in Namibia.

There are plenty of charity organizations in Namibia you can join or donate to. At AAM Nation Care, we are keen to help the growth of this wonderful country by providing resources and tools that empower the people. If you are interested in contributing to our charity, please donate now or contact our team to learn more.

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