26 Jul 2022

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Charity Organizations in Tunisia

There are numerous Charity Organizations in Tunisia that you can support to help give something back to the Tunisian community. Here are Charities In Tunisia that you can help today!

The Madrinha Trust

The Madrinha Trust is a small charity who aim to make a big difference, one student at a time. The trust aims to relieve poverty through advancing educational systems and opportunities. They offer financial support and one to one mentoring for students.

Teebah Foundation

The Teebah Foundation works over large areas around the world, aiming to eliminate poverty by providing proper hygiene and good education for children living in poverty stricken areas. The foundation works to restore people’s dignity, equality and freedom.

Arab Scientific Community Organization

The Arab Scientific Community Organization works to create a respected, well formed Arab scientific society, which can then play a key role in achieving a comprehensive understanding of the scientific world while still being deeply connected to its Islamic Arab roots and culture.

Rescue Animals of North Africa

Rescue Animals of North Africa aim to reduce the suffering of dogs and cats by providing care, rehoming, medical assistance and sterilisation. They also work to educate the public on how to look after their animals, helping to reduce the number of strays both on the streets and in shelters.

Peaceful Change Initiative

The Peaceful Change Initiative aims to promote effective conflict resolution at both, national and international levels, working to relieve suffering, poverty and distress by building and maintaining social cohesion, resilience, and trust amongst communities.

Muntada Aid

Muntada Aid works to develop healthy and sustainable communities worldwide. Through the implementation of a variety of social, economic, educational, and health programs, they aim to empower people who have been denied justice and dignity, hoping to have a long lasting impact in the process.

El Rahma Foundation

El Rahma Foundation aim to relieve poverty while advancing education and religion in the Muslim community. They assist with orphans of the Islamic religion, while helping to build schools, mosques, orphanages and nurseries to support religious communities.

Families Relief

Families Relief aims to empower and strengthen the family unit, engaging positively in community development to promote both family units and individuals to help create a structured, stable future for all.

In Place Of War

In Place of War uses artistic creativity in places that experience heavy conflict in order to insight positive change. They focus on music, theatre and other arts to change embedded cultures of violence and suffering, inspiring hope, opportunity and freedom instead.

Mowgli Foundation

The Mowgli Foundation aims to create social change with a focus on employment, supporting small scale entrepreneurs to develop their organizations in areas of deprivation or poverty.

It’s clear that there are many great charitable organizations in Tunisia that you can donate to in order to support the Tunisian people. Donating to a charity like AAM Nation Care can be such a rewarding and inspiring idea that will certainly provide you with good karma.

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