20 Jul 2022

AAM Nation Care

Charity Organizations In Jordan

Here are great options if you want a worthy company to donate to in Jordan and some of their current projects to give you an idea of what they do.

Menstrual Dignity For Refugee Women

Days For Girls International

The difficulties of managing menstruation securely, discreetly, and with dignity are among the many humanitarian needs faced by women who are refugees or internally displaced people (IDPs) worldwide.

Beyond Museum Walls Project

The Children’s Museum Jordan

The Beyond Museum Walls project is a traveling science education initiative that features comedic-dramatic science presentations for kids. Children in Jordanian hospitals, refugee camps, and host communities are the focus of this initiative.

We Love Reading

Taghyeer Organization – We Love Readings

The Taghyeer Organization’s We Love Reading Program is a cutting-edge concept that offers a pragmatic, economic, sustainable, grassroots strategy for empowering communities from low and middle-income areas worldwide to produce changemakers via reading. By emphasizing the read-aloud experience to foster a love of reading for enjoyment among children to become lifelong learners, WLR supports the activism of neighborhood volunteers to raise reading levels among children from 2 to 10 years old.

Social Health Care for Healing Syrian Refugees

International Humanistic Psychology Association

The most helpless and harmed parties in any war or conflict are children. Children are the most significant and fastest-growing group of Syrian conflict victims, followed by women.

Build Community through Sport for Girls in Jordan

Reclaim Childhood, Inc.

With the help of coaches, sports, and community building, we provide over 200 local and refugee girls in Jordan, ages 6 to 18, with secure and welcoming environments where they may develop. Reclaim Childhood leverages the power of sport and play through programming in Amman and Zarqa to assist participants in making new friends from different nations, learning new skills, and being kids in a world that gives them few opportunities to do so.

Guarantee Education For 430 Children in Jordan

Mensajeros de la Paz Spain

Over 430 children in Amman, the majority of whom are refugee children from Iraq, are to have their education guaranteed due to this program. We provide comprehensive support for boys and girls by working in three schools, integrating cutting-edge technology, and supporting families.

Al Rahmeh Association for Animal in Jordan

The Al Rahmeh Association for Animals in Jordan facilitates the care, fostering, and adoption of 100s of dogs every year. Jordan has many street dogs, many of whom are killed yearly. Al Rahmeh Association for Animals aims to protect and care for as many animals as possible and find them loving homes.

Save the Children Jordan

The Save the Children foundation was designed to protect and support the children of Jordan. Founded in 1974 by HRH Princess Basma Bint Talal, Save the Children Jordan aims to protect children, help them to develop, and enjoy safety and community.

Of course, many worthy charities in Jordan have significant initiatives, including AAM Nation Care. When considering charities, look for ones that offer rounded programs that support the community and the person – these are the ones that make the most significant impact.

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