12 Sep 2022

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Best Charities in Nicaragua

If you are looking to donate to a charity and you are in Nicaragua, you actually have a lot of options. More options, perhaps, than you may be expecting. In this post, we’ll take you through a few of the best that you might want to consider donating to, from a wide variety of types.

Christian Aid

Although it exists all over the world, Christian Aid is very active in Nicaragua and is one of the main ones present there, working with the poorest people to tackle the causes of poverty.

World Vision

This charity is an international children’s charity which focuses on sustainable development programs around the world, and which has an active force in Nicaragua.

Catholic Agency For Overseas Development

In a similar vein, this charity works with global communities to overcome poverty, and is one of the best places you could possibly put your money if you are keen to help.

Self-Help International

This charity is currently working towards alleviating hunger in Nicaragua and has been doing so since 1999.


SHI is all about delivering safe drinking water for around 20,000 rural families in Nicaragua and beyond.


This project has already trained 14 local basic care providers to provide care to those in need in Nicaragua. Your donation and support could help them to continue in this work for much longer.

Soccer Without Borders

Using soccer to bring about positive change in the lives of girls aged 5-20 in a range of places, with Nicaragua being one of the most prominent and important.

Paso Pacifico

On a different theme, this group is working to save a magnificent macaw from extinction. If you care deeply about animal life in Nicaragua, this could be a good one to support.

Escuela Adelante

This group is working to build a bilingual school in Nicaragua, where all children will be able to receive basic education regardless of the income of their household or extended family.

Health Outreach For Latin America Foundation

If you help and support this charity, you will be helping to provide access to obstetric and gynecological care for over 400 women living in the rural area of La Ceiba in Nicaragua. Clearly a very worthy cause.

Clinica Verde

This charity hopes to provide a medical home for around 1,500 high-risk pregnant women and 4,000 children throughout Nicaragua – and they are very close to reaching their donation goal, so your money could make all the difference.

Amos Trust

If you want to help rural communities in Nicaragua to flourish, then sending some help to Amos Trust could be the best way to do so. A very worthwhile cause that you could help today.

As you can see, there are plenty of charities that work in or for Nicaragua that are worth helping out with your money as best as you can. You might also want to look into AAM Nation Care, who are doing all they can to help the nation grow. Whoever you help, it is going to make a difference.

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