02 Dec 2022

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Best Charities Working in Sudan

Charities working in Sudan rely on donors to help them carry out the good work they need on the ground helping the people most vulnerable. There are many different charity organizations in Sudan doing good work. If you are looking for a charity in Sudan to donate to, consider the following charities worthy of donation.


The UNHCR The United Nations Refugee Agency works to help those affected by flood and growing violence in Sudan. The UNHCR provides clean drinking water, sanitation, health supplies, and emergency assistance where needed.

IRC – International Rescue Committee

The IRC is providing emergency response to the Sudanese people who are in need due to widespread flooding, violence, and increased disease outbreaks. Efforts focus on delivering health services, clean water, protection to the most vulnerable, and nutritional advice.

Qatar Charity

In response to recent floods in the Blue Nile region, relief efforts included delivering food, shelter, and water to those in need. Qatar Charity, which was founded in 1984, has a long history of helping in Sudan, providing relief efforts and resources to people in need affected by adverse living conditions.

Save The Children

For the past 20 years, Save The Children has been working with children in Sudan to offer life-saving services and humanitarian efforts to support children who have been exploited, neglected, and suffering every single day. Save The Children aims to support child development by improving child health services, providing access to clean drinking water, education and knowledge to help support healthy development in children, and access to sexual and reproductive health education, sanitation, hygiene, and food security.

Sudan Relief Fund

The Sudan Relief Fund has made massive progress in recent years in helping the South Sudanese people. The non-profit organization provides shelter, clothing, water, food, and medical attention to the people of South Sudan. They aim to make and support lasting change for a better quality of life in communities across the country.


Unicef is committed to helping children in Sudan and across the world who face conflict, complex emergencies, and natural disasters. Their work on the ground provides life-saving services to children and their families when they need them the most.


The Catholic Agency For Overseas Development has been working in Sudan for years to promote peace, unite communities, and end violence and conflict. They provide a range of tools and supplies to the people of South Sudan, including seeds to grow their food, along with the tools and training to do so successfully. They also supply water, food, essential household goods, and clothing to those affected by regional conflict and environmental disasters such as flooding.

Donate To Charities Working In Sudan

Many charities worldwide play a part in supporting the people affected by conflict and floods in Sudan. If you want to donate to charity organizations in Sudan, consider supporting AAM Nation Care, which works with communities to provide assistance when they need it the most and make a difference in their lives.

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