12 Sep 2022

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List of Charity Organizations in Bangladesh

Whether you are based in Bangladesh yourself, or you just have an affinity with the place and you want to make sure you are helping its people as much as possible, there are many ways to do so. In this post, we are going to take you through some of the most worthwhile charities that you may want to consider supporting – whether with your time or your money.

WFH Foundation

This company is working to remove illiteracy throughout Bangladesh, an important barrier that must be smashed through if people are to have the best possible chance in life.

HEART Bangladesh

The Humanitarian Enhancement Aid for Resilient Transformation, or HEART, does exactly what the name suggests. They work towards many goals, including the transformation of areas dealing with poverty.

Bangladesh Environment And Development Society

The BEDS project aims to create 10 hectares of mangrove greenbelt through planting and regenerating roughly 100,000 mangroves, working closely with locals the whole way. Great for the environment and the people.

JAAGO Foundation

Working hard to help people use education to break through the damaging cycle of poverty. This foundation creates opportunities for income and growth for those who need it most.

Bakergonj Forum

This charity wishes to restore vision to the students of Bangladesh, with around 2000 village students having suffered vision issues recently. That would then help them to navigate their lives better and gain a better education.

HOPE Foundation For Women And Children Of Bangladesh

Thousands of people are displaced in Bangladesh from Myanmar and elsewhere. These civilians, unable to return to their homes, need help. This work is to provide them with much-needed health care services.

Maria Cristina Foundation

This foundation wishes to ‘educate the slums’ of Bangladesh, and has been doing so for around 13 years already. With your extra support, they can continue to do this and bring more education to even more people in poverty.

Customs Health Care Society

This is a general fund appeal for the Rohingya refugees. The money will be used for a wide variety of needs, including accessing health care and providing the refugees with running water and bedding.

Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance

This provides holistic home-based palliative care to anyone who needs it, and Bangladesh is one of the areas where they are most active. Supporting them would mean helping a lot of needy people at the time when they really do need the most help.

UK Bangladesh Education Trust

This charity helps girls in domestic work to gain an education easily and fairly, thereby improving their opportunities and ensuring that they can do all they can to further themselves in their lives. It’s a worthwhile charity to support, if you are looking for one.

Those are just some of the charities that work in Bangladesh that you might want to support. There is also the worldwide AAM Nation Care, which is a worthy one too if you are looking for something that provides a lot of extra support to places like this.

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