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16 May 2022

AAM Nation Care

5 Reasons Tree Plantation Campaigns Are Needed

AAM Nation Care is a charity that is built on the foundation of helping people, communities, and the planet as a whole. Our tree plantation campaigns are a glowing example.


Before supporting the cause, though, it’s important to consider the benefits of doing it. Here are just five reasons why

1. We Need Trees To Live

While there are plenty of valuable charity initiatives out there, none of them will matter if we destroy our planet. Trees are essential for managing CO2 levels, the temperature of the planet, and so much more.

Given the rate of deforestation, tree plantation is arguable the most important project of all.

2. Tree Plantation Campaigns Help Global Communities

Tree plantation campaigns are imperative to protecting the environment in many different countries and territories. Charities don’t only support the likes of Brazil and Costa Rica. it can also extend to nations on every continent.

As well as protecting the planet, it can help support communities by creating jobs.

3. Tree Plantations Protect Animals

It’s not only humans who benefit from reduced pollution and CO2 emissions. Animals also need good air quality. Likewise, they require the shelter of trees for nests as well as the foods that they produce.

Without tree plantation campaigns, we could see a lot of species at risk of extinction.

4. Trees Also Regulate Water Cycles

As well as reducing CO2 emissions, trees help regulate the water cycle as trees can recycle up to 400 gallons of water into the air each day. Without them, fresh water will be disrupted while humidity levels change too.

It is one of the most significant reasons to give trees the attention they need.

5. Huge Volumes Of Trees Are Needed

It’s great that individuals want to plant a few trees in their lifetime. However, charity initiatives are needed to repair the damage caused by decades of deforestation. AAM Nation Care is one of several groups doing great things to make a difference.

You can back us by mahjong a donation to the tree plantation campaigns today.

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