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16 Feb 2022

AAM Nation Care

Biggest Charities in Germany

Some of the biggest charities in Germany are those who are still standing long after being founded at the end of the 19th century. They were all set up by the people who want to strive for social solidarity. Below you will find some of the biggest charities in Germany who focus on particular areas to provide a broad spectrum of assistance.



Founded in 1840, CKD was originally the St. Elizabeth Association. It’s now a national network of around 80,000 volunteers who help those in need. This is spread between homes, projects, centers, parishes and more.


An association of social work for girls, and women, the IN VIA is part of the International Catholic Society for Girls, and it engages and focuses on the provisions for young women and girls who are looking for fairer living conditions.

Kreuzbund e. V.

This is a society that is incorporated as a self-help community for ex-addicts, addicts and their German relatives. Currently, Kreuzbund has more than 1,600 self-help groups, with around 15,000 members. Another 15,000 people go to the group meetings and this is a group that offers help for those with substance abuse problems. Their objectives surround rehabilitation and reintegration of those who cope with addiction back into society and family.


There are more than 35,000 volunteers and 3,000 paid employees working for the German Branch of the Order of Malta. With the help of all of these generous people, the Malteser Hilfsdienst is one of the biggest organizations for welfare in Germany. They provide emergency and medical services, social care and volunteers for those who need it. They even have an international department that supports global partners, sending experts to disaster areas.


Providing the best counseling services for people moving abroad, Raphaels-Werk has everything that they need to support those working abroad. German people who are living abroad who would like to come home to Germany are also in receipt of the best support from Raphaels-Werk. They have 23 advice centers and they focus on total support.

SkF– Catholic Women’s Welfare Service

A professional women’s association in the Catholic Church, the SkF helps children, young people, women and their families in a range of difficult circumstances. They are also involved in the fringes of society and those who suffer with discrimination.

SKM – Catholic Association for Social Services in Germany

The SKM is a league of amazing action groups and associations striving to fulfill their mission of shaping the world with services in professional counseling. They help those in uncertain and critical situations and they offer assistance and legal advice to those who need it the most.


A charitable organization, VKD takes care of the elderly and those who are lonely. They offer professional help and counseling to those who need it. Founded in 1845, VKD offers their services as an association of volunteer laypeople and they are revered in the country as some of the best charitable givers.

With the help of these organizations and AAM Nation Care, protecting and supporting people is the main goal.

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