21 Dec 2022

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Charity Organizations in Papua New Guinea

If the festive season has left you feeling charitable, you aren’t alone. A recent study found that “30% of all annual charitable giving occurs in December, with 10% of all donations happening in the last three days of the year.”

Thankfully, hundreds upon hundreds of charities would welcome a donation – big or small – during this time, including those based in Papua New Guinea.

With that in mind, here are 10 charity organizations in Papua New Guinea that need your support.

Save the Children.

Save the Children is an international charity designed to ensure that the children in Papua New Guinea are “e safe, healthy, and have a good start in life.” For example, their work helps to improve healthcare, education, and enrichment opportunities for disadvantaged youths.

PNG Foundation.

The PNG Foundation works to improve healthcare across Papua New Guinea. This is in direct response to teh fact that many adults and children in the region die from infectious diseases that are highly preventable. The average life expectancy is just 62 for women, whereas, in the states, it is 77.

Wantok Support Charity.

Wantok takes a three-pronged approach to its charitable support by focusing on improving healthcare and education while also working to combat environmental issues.


CARE is an international charity that offers a considerable amount of support to people living in PNG. They focus on women’s rights, in particular, by creating programs that “address gender-based violence and aim to increase women’s opportunities to participate and thrive.”

Water Aid.

Water Aids is another international charity that supports people living in the remote areas of Papua New Guinea, who otherwise may go without fresh water. Many deal with preventable health complications and diseases without access to these vital resources.


WeCare is a nonprofit organization supporting women and children in PNG who are vulnerable to poverty and abuse. They offer educational and enrichment opportunities within these communities.

Friends Of The Earth.

Friends Of The Earth is an environmental charity that aims to “undertake education, training, and awareness programs on environmental issues, development, human rights, land and resource rights of customary landowners.”

Papua New Guinea Children’s Foundation.

As their name suggests, the PNG Children’s Foundation offers varying support to children living within Papua New Guinea, though it mainly focuses on improving access to healthcare.

Mothers Union.

Mother’s Union PNG was formed to support orphaned children living in areas of PNG where they are exposed to various dangers, from poverty to violence. They provide them with housing support, purchasing food and drink alongside the tools they need to attend school.

Open Heart International.

Open Heart International centers its services on changing the fact that ⅓ of the population currently lives in poverty. However, they also offer a range of healthcare services.

Final Thoughts.

Charitable giving is a great way to use the privileges afforded to us – while supporting those who need it most. If you’re looking for a charity to support this year, why not donate to AAM Nation Care?

We’re a person-based charity that believes every person should be able to follow their dreams, regardless of their financial standing, background, or where they came from. Your donations can help make this possible.

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